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Dear friends :)


I know the English version of the blog is not being updated like it should, but the last three months have been totally crazy and I haven't had the time.


I have worked so much for this competition, and fortunately we were able to finish it in first place! This was absolutely incredible!


Thank you all for the hundreds of messages and all the support :) It has been unique!


Right now we're waiting for the final Quark confirmation so I guess next week I´l be able to tell you if I have been chosen as the oficcial Quark blogger...or not! I'm optimistic:)


Hugs and kisses,

Luís Monteiro

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Hi all!


Live, friday, 09:45, you'll see the Pingu presentation on TEDxvEdge.




Live broadcast:

Web site:


Kisses and hugs

Luís M.



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Last Saturday, like it was promised, and thanks to my wing man Paulo Lopes, that edited this video, the first and only Pingu Party was a success!!


A complete FREEZE of the room!! Check it out here...

Share, spread the word and forward the video to everybody!


Thank you for your support my friends!

I need your votes more than ever!

Luís M.


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Hello all!!!


For those who understand a bit of Portuguese, and wants to laugh a little bit, check out the following videos! "5 para a Meia Noite" is a portuguese TV daily show, and your portuguese friend was there singing the Blog Your Way to Antarctica dream song :)


Minute 20 ;)




We've achieved the amazing number of 5000 votes!!!! And counting!I'M A HAPPY GUY NOW!!!!!!!!!


When voting, please use always your first and last name and don't forget to confirm the registration in your e-mail!! Vote once and spread the word! Thank youuuu!



Thanks also to my incredible friends that went with me to the show! It's really amazing to have all this help and trust!!Blogging to the world in Antarctica... That would be something...!


Feel free to send me messages, sms and comments!! My email is at it is always available :)


The dream team!




Kisses and hugs,

Luís M.

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Dear International readers!


First of all I'm very sorry for the lack of news around here :) Like I've just answered a friend in facebook, I'll try to keep up this blog so updated as the other one, which is written in Portuguese!


Life is crazy around here... this Quark competition is completely overwhealming and all my efforts are directed to it... in fact not only my personnal efforts but also the efforts of an amazing group of friends that are helping me spreading the word... Mobilization is the key!! eheheh


Since I've returned from holidays, a lot internet actions were already made! Hi5, orkut, facebook, StarTracker, Digg, Twitter... You name it, we are there!!! But besides all this, we also have the amazing street actions!! For example, to celebrate 3000 votes, the Pingu Band "performed" live on all public transports in Lisbon...It was an incredible day...Soooo cool....soooo nice!! Everybody had so much fun, and this is what's all about!


Having fun and fighting hard to accomplish the dream...!



6 weeks to go on the competition and we are sooo not stopping!! Spreading the word, talking about my dream, talking about the climate effects in the frozen continent, changing things, make them unforgetable...and getting every day a step closer to the Antarctica...!


4690 votes, and counting!!! Vote Luís Monteiro, have fun with us and be prepared for everything!!!


Thank you all for your emails, sms, comments, support and for sticking around!

Luís Monteiro


PS: Everything can happen, but I will never forget the last 2 months!!


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Hi all!

As some of you already know I'm on holidays in the Algarve, south of Portugal, but that's not a reason for the Portuguese penguin to stop having fun!!

Here it is, to share an laugh a bit, another video from you Portuguese penguin, diving around in a swimming pool with brothers, sisters and friends!

Have fun with us and keep up spreading the word and getting votes and more votes!

Antarctica is the objective!

Like we say back in Portugal, kisses and hugs,

Luís M.


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Directly from Lisbon downtown, as it was promised, the Portuguese "Pingu band" gave an unforgettable least for us! ehehe ;)

Check it out on the following link and please..HAVE FUN with it! A good laugh is the best antidote for all problems :)

Thank you for all the amazing number of votes, e-mails, comments, sms and messages! It's amazing to feel your help!

My dream is true, genuine, and I will do everything I can to make it happen, and to make you all smile!

Expect everything !! Winning or losing, I'm having a blast with this competition, and I am playing it always by the book.

Luís Monteiro


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OK.... the long expected and desired video of the "Pingu band" hasn't been posted to YouTube, but it hasn't been edited yet! Mea Culpa Mea Culpa! Time doesn't stretch! Given this fact and knowing that you folks are extremly demanding (and totally right in being so), here is the video, not of the concert itself,  but from the humble rehearsal that we had the night before at home. Fortunately, my neighbours from downstairs are super cool and having in mind that they have already voted for me, they understand that's all in name of a greater cause! Today we go to 2000 votes!!!!! "YEEESSSS PINGU CAN"!!!

Now, heading to RDP where I am going to meet the already mythical Fernando Alvim and Nuno Markl and try to convince them that the penguin stuff is the coolest at the moment!

Kisses and Hugs


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Hi everyone! As you're starting to get used, before the publication of any bombastic clip from the Human Penguin, I always publish one or to photos just to tease your appetite for more and more and more ;)


This post won't be an exception.. hehehe! yesterday,the wordlwide famous "Pingu Band" had its first live gig after more than 35 minutes of reharsal! At the scheduled time, I dressed the already well-known penguin costume and went to downtown Lisbon for a memorable performance. This was on a Saturday, at noon, the Sun blazing in the sky, scorching the land below and there I was, dressed in a rather "warm and cozy" penguin costume.... it was surreal to say the least!  


Besides several people that knew me from my TV appearance (unthinkable a few days ago!),the audience was also formed  by a significant number of  tourists which were simply stunned at such sight! The web audience has voted and the People is sovereign! The Pingu Band didn't disappoint! We sang chart hits like Xutos (Portuguese Rolling Stones), Da Vinci (Portuguese Eurovision winners), Bob Marley, Sinatra and Tony Carreira! hehehe I recall a moment during the morning when a policeman comes in and says to us:


"- Guys, you can't be standing here occupying a public should be careful as someone may call the police..." surreal stuff like this only happens in Portugal really!


I'm currently doing my best to edit the video, publish it and making it go viral so that we all can mantain the lead! Please spread the word and vote in Blog Your Way To Antarctica


Thank you all so much!!


Kisses and hugs!



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